About Us

mom with her two daughters sitting together closely in front of pond with foliage behind them

Thank you to all of my Sweet-A-Licious supporters for visiting sweetalicious.com. I am a mom of two daughters who love showing up to someone’s house with a special treat or sending a gift that puts a smile on the recipient’s face.

As my girls have grown more independent, I’ve tried to make more time to follow my dreams. With this new freedom & a taste for sweets, Sweet-A-Licious was born!! There are a bunch of options listed but please reach out if you’d like to create something new, order party favors or send corporate gifts.

Please also check back often and sign up for the newsletter as more items that live up to the Sweet-A-Licious promise of providing smiles will be added frequently.

Thank you for your support.



text that reads give me the entire candy store!